Its Your Life

6428708791_caea11ecc6_mIf you are a Christian. Your life is not around you…its in you. First John chapter 4 verses 4,5 and 6..They are of the world. Therefore they speak about the world. And those of the world listen to them. We are of God. And he that knows God hears us. Those that do not know God do not listen to us. My dear readers.The Lord has given you and I a great gift. Firstly in that we were able to recognize Jesus Christ for what he did and who he is. And secondly after that recognition and realization. The ability to say yes to his calling. When we evangelize. That is to say if we evangelize. Which most of you do not even attempt. It is not our job to save anyone. The apostle John just told us…that those who know God will listen to us. And those who do not know God will not hear us.

I stated in one of my other blogs. That when I first heard of Jesus. Spoken from someone who had a life changing experience. I was all ears. I couldn’t wait to hear more about him. And at that time in my life I was not close to Jesus in my own mind. But he had other plans for me thank God. Your salvation is not so much a possession. But rather we should look at it as having received an abundant inheritance. If it was money…which it is not. It would represent so much that you couldn’t spend it in a hundred lifetimes. So what to do? There was a commercial that comes to mind about some kind of product. And in the commercial they would say to we the consumers. That what they were selling was the gift that keeps on giving.

If you are truly born again in Christ. What you have received is literally bubbling out of you. It is like steam which cannot be contained anymore. And must escape from the tea kettle. But the difference with God is this. The more that you give. The more you receive. It is liken to a perpetual motion machine which cannot stop moving. Most people have bought into the lie. And that lie is this. The getting of. And the keeping of. More and more worldly goods. In Luke chapter 12 verse 15 Jesus says this…For a mans life does not consist of the abundance of his possessions. It was Jesus who said to his apostles that he did not even have a place to lay down his head. Now it is not wrong for us to desire to make a living and care for ourselves and our families. But it should not be consuming us. Our abundance should be in Christ. Jesus says this in Matthew chapter 12 verse 34…For it is out of the abundance of the heart. That a man speaks. We should be so full of the things of God. That we feel as though we could burst at any time. Our desire should be like that of a predator on the prowl for a meal. But our predation is this. We are on the prowl hungry for the next person to talk to about Jesus Christ. Your life in Christ is not to be kept. It is in fact given to us to lose.

In Matthew chapter 10 verse 8 Jesus said this….Freely you have received…So freely give. And in the gospel of John chapter 10 verse 18 Jesus says this…No man takes my life from me. On the contrary. I lay it down voluntarily. It is difficult for us to wrap our earthly minds around just what is in store for us who are saved after this life is over. I sat on the stairs in my parents house after my mother died. My father had passed years earlier. It was totally still and I was alone. I was crying. I thought of sneaking down the stairs on Christmas eve to see the presents in the dark under the tree. I thought of people sitting in the now empty chairs of the living room. And I thought of the fact that this was the last time I or any of my family would be in this house again. The day is coming my friend and it is inescapable. That you and I will leave this earthly vessel for an eternal destination. The train is in fact leaving the station and on schedule. And you cant stand in front of it and keep it from leaving. First Corinthians chapter 2 verse 9…But as it is written. Eyes have not seen. Neither have any ears heard. And it has not entered into the hearts of man. The things which God has in store for those who love him…….All Aboard…..Next stop..Heaven or Hell….Tickets please!…Tickets! …..     To be continued

We Are The Champions

6843253333_f5b425b416_mDig this all you Punditeers. The definition of champion from the Webster’s dictionary. OH and by the way. I believe it is the Webster’s 1882 edition. I could be wrong about the year. That was untouched by anyone else. I should say unchanged by any other men or woman. And I believe you can still purchase one. The reason I even mention this, is that Webster was a very godly man. Any many of his descriptions or definitions will have a godly connotation if there is some biblical basis for the word. Just a little tip Pundit style. And now for the definition of champion. 1] One who has defeated all opponents in a competition or a series of competitions so as to hold first place 2] One who fights for or defends any person or cause: a champion of the oppressed. So here’s the skinny for all you readers.Romans chapter 8 verse 37….Yes in all of these things we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us.

And now for my dissertation. To be a conqueror is no great shake. Don’t get me wrong. Lets just say that I and my Viking army invade a neighboring land. And we defeat them taking all the spoils. And no I am not a watcher of the Vikings TV show. It is vile and corrupt. And if you hope to make heaven your home. Turn it off. However…my distant relatives were the first Viking kings or Norway. Thank God I am saved. Back to the invasion. After I and my army leave the land. We can say that we are conquerors of that land. Or that we have conquered it. But to be a conqueror can be and many times is a one trick pony. For having conquered but once. If next week I am hit with an arrow and die. My reign is in fact over. Now a champion is quite another thing entirely. A champion must over a period of time. Have subdued all comers. However many there may be. They cant run and hide. And they cant back down. A champion must take each one on and soundly defeat them.

Paul just said in the Book of Romans. That in Christ we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us. When the time comes that you decide to break out of the spiritual slumber that you are currently in. And you get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Maybe just maybe. You have the makings of a true champion within you. The bible says that we have been given power over all the power of the devil. You have within you the ability through Christ to take on the devil at every front and kick his ass up and down the sidewalk. Again and again and again. Did you get that? But are you willing to exercise your God given right? Now I am not a proponent of fighting. Although I am more than aware that within me still reside some of my old nature. Which was more than willing and able to get in a scruff. And I was quite a fight fan even as a young Christian. Up until the day I watched Ray Mancini and a young man from Korea fight. They were exchanging blows as fast as they could throw them. And they were landing on both sides. This went on for many rounds. Hundreds and hundreds of punches. Hitting each of the combatants. My recollection was that the fight was between 7 and 10 rounds. I don’t remember.

And then suddenly the Korean man fell.And he didn’t get up. He was in fact dead. I know God was speaking to me that day. Saying…Have you had enough Billy? And I had.You have no reason as a Christian to be a fan or an onlooker of fighting. Or loud mouth perverted wrestlers. These things have no place in the life of a Christian. Here is what you are to be dwelling on mister tough stuff. The book of Philippians chapter 4 and verse 8…Whatever things are true. Whatever things are honest. Whatever things are just. Whatever things are pure. Whatever things are lovely. Whatever things are of a good report. And if the be any praise or virtue. Think on these things. If you both focus and dedicate your life in this fashion. You will be a true champion in Christ. You fail? Impossible!…To be continued

Do What You Will

10925517215_65a91246af_mThis is a strange topic indeed…is what you are more than likely saying. And as far as my own life is concerned. Doing what I will or want to do… for the most part… is the furthest thing from my mind. And if you are now or ever want to be. A living ,breathing, talking, Christian man or woman. Then you should have your spiritual sights fixed on this same target. As for myself. Doing Gods will is my top priority in life. Satanism or the cult of Satan. Has several basic tenants or beliefs that they both teach and live. And here they are. The first is that you can do all and anything that you wish to do. The second is that no one has the right to command you in any way shape or form. And the third and last is that you are the god of yourself. If you have never heard these before. That is why I am here.To expose the devil; who is our arch enemy in every facet of life. For once you understand his motives and his appearance. Then and only then can you begin to combat him.

We live in a world today that is predominantly a satanic society. And yes I do mean what I just said. A society that is satanic.No I haven’t lost my mind. For I am not speaking about man, woman and child walking about in black hooded cloaks under the cover of darkness. But I am speaking about man,woman and child doing whatever they wish. And giving the nod to others being allowed to do the same. I would say that over the last ten years or so. Maybe less. The term don’t be a hater has come into my spiritual radar screen. Sounds rather simple and inconsequential to most. But not to the Pundit. What really is being stated is don’t judge me. And don’t condemn me for what I do or say. Do not debate me over my actions and I wont debate you over yours. In doing this or embracing this philosophy. You are in actuality aligning yourself with Satan. And Satan my friends is more than happy to embrace you in any capacity. Be it knowingly or unknowingly. It doesn’t matter to him at all. What does matter is that you in choosing to do nothing for God.Have rendered yourself as another useless entity for the gospel of Jesus Christ. And herein lies the problem. You don’t like the fact that I am associating your behavior with that of Satan. But you also don’t want to be to closely associated with the God whom you say you believe in. You think in your twisted middle ground thinking. That there is in fact some comfortable middle ground to your ability to sin. And your ability to remain somewhat religious in your own mind. Let me bring to your attention once again the words of Jesus speaking to John while imprisoned on the island of Patmos. Revelation chapter 3 verses 15 through 17.

I know your workings. That you are neither hot or cold. I would prefer that you were one or the other. But because you are lukewarm. And not hot or cold. I will spit you out of my mouth.Because you say to yourself. I am rich. And have increased with much goods. And I have need of nothing. But you know inside that you are naked,wretched,miserable,poor and blind. I counsel you to buy gold from me. Tried in the fire. That you may be truly rich. And white clothing to hide your nakedness….Have you had enough yet? Yes it is you that the Lord is speaking to. He is pleading with you to stop the charade and come back to church. He is asking you to surrender the fight and to join forces with the winning side. Listen to what Paul said to the church goers at Galatia my Catholic friends. The book of Galatians chapter 3 verse 1…Foolish Galatians…who has bewitched you? That you should not obey the truth.

I was listening to a Catholic father the other night on EWTN. He was interviewing a man somewhat younger than himself. A man who had graduated from the same college he had. But some 30 odd years later. He said to him. When I went there. We had regular rigorous debates. When he asked him of them. The man stated that he had hoped for the same when he got there.But found that after being there. That there were none such debates available any longer. This is in actuality an embracing of the satanic tenant. Let no one command you. Which is nothing more than someone telling you what to do and why it is that you should do it. Or stating to you that you are wrong. And here are the reasons why. Remember….don’t be a hater. Which by the way is one of the most pansy assed statements I have ever heard. And all of these things are now being brought to bare by young adults. Who don’t know what it is to be scolded. They haven’t been spanked. The principles office doesn’t contain a formidable wooden paddle anymore. A paddle which by the way could have been implemented by the principle to said buttock region. And everyone wins a trophy in every event.

What exactly is left for an individual to strive for by the way? If the trophy is given to the winner and the loser. Listen to what Jesus the Son of God said in the Garden of Gethsemane. As he realized the time was upon him to be turned over to those who would lead him to the crucifixion. Matthew chapter 26 verse 39. And he went a little farther away from them and fell on his face. And he prayed saying. Oh my Father. If it be possible. Let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless not as I will. But as you will be it done to me. And in the Our Father prayer. When he was teaching us how we should pray.What did he say? He said thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Now if the Son of the living God. Out of his own mouth. Demonstrates to us that this life has nothing to do with our will being done. Or doing what you will.Who exactly do you think that you are serving in doing the very things which he tells us not to do?….Think about it…And for Gods sake come to your senses man…..To be continued

Laundering Your Mind

5216395102_fc20315ccd_mYou and I do not give a second thought…to removing the clothes from our the end of the work day or after a good days fishing. They stink. They have taken on the odors of the body…the bait…the fish..the day. They and our body’s need to be cleansed and refreshed. My wife showed me some time ago that she uses these little fragranced sheets in the drier to add a fresh aroma to the clothes as they dry. We change the sheets and pillow cases from our beds after several days of sleeping on them. If you own a car they need to be cleaned and vacuumed. The glass takes on the residuals of the road and becomes foggy and hard to see through. Particularly at night or in the bright setting sun.

The eyes of a human being are said to be the windows of the soul. And the mind processes and reprocesses all that the eyes see. And the ears take in all of the sounds that we surround ourselves with. Together our eyes and ears are enjoined in allowing to enter the body whatever we determine in our hearts to surround ourselves with. But as the mind and the soul of man become dirtied and soiled with this world. Who among us gives any thought to cleansing them. The filth and the sounds of sin. The movies and the violence that you have allowed to enter in. The vulgar jokes and thoughts. The books and articles that you know were not for you to read. They are all in there. Stored within your members.

But you can change your mind. And change who you are. You can take off the old man and put on the new. You don’t have to carry that spiritual stench around with you anymore. So how do we do this Mr. Pundit? And where do we begin? Well I am so glad that you asked. Romans chapter 12 and verse 2 says this. Do not be conformed to this world. But rather be transformed. By the renewal of your mind. Renewal of the mind. Now there’s a novel idea. We renew our houses with fresh paint. We take a shave and comb our hair. We brush and floss our teeth. We use tire and  wheel cleaners  to renew their appearance. But the mind is not renewed. Or is it? Friend…change your mind and change your life. And the process begins in the book of Philippians chapter 4 verse 4. Rejoice in the Lord always. And again I say rejoice. Let your Godly moderation be known to all men. Do not worry for anything. But by prayer with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding. Shall keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.Whatever things are true. Whatever things are honest. Whatever things are just. Whatever things are pure. Whatever things are lovely. Whatever things are of a good report. And if there be anything virtuous. And if it is worthy of praise. Think about these things. And those things which you have learned and received and heard and seen from me do. And the God of peace shall be with you……The last part of this passage is the best. As Paul tells them to follow his example. You also can be that good example. A go to source of Godly advice and counsel. A resource for the kingdom of heaven to those in your life. You will be surprised how many people who will come to you in secret….asking you for advice. They will recognize in you that you are different. You have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus. You are now a vessel for the master use. But you must begin at the beginning as we all do. For me nothing lays the groundwork better than a good confession. A cleansing of the spirit, soul and mind. A spiritual and total car wash. Inside and out. Shake off those acquaintances that you know are no good for you. Stop going to the movies. Set some time aside daily for prayer and thanksgiving with God. And you will be amazed at what happens next…To be continued

Defending the Faith

8426261345_3806c94637_mIn New York City there is a radio station that I frequently listen to. It is a sports based broadcast.One of the jocks who just happens to be my favorite.  Happens to be Jewish as well. And is equally as sarcastic if not more so than myself. Through the years I have heard him say this is my god. Speaking of his work. And one of his favorite lines when speaking of hockey goalies. Is to say that the goal tender has more saves than Jesus. The irony is that he is a son of the promise to Abraham. Out of whose seed would come the savior of not only him but the world as well. Matthew chapter 12 verse 34.For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks… Whatever you are full of will make its way to the surface eventually. And by the surface.. I mean it will come out of your mouth.

How sadly I have often thought of him and others as well. That Christ came and died for his sins. And all this Jewish man can muster is a sarcastic crack about him. So one night a caller was pulled up on the cue. And as he began to speak he told the host that he didn’t appreciate his on going rant about Jesus. And he went on for quite some time without relenting. Now I had felt as he did for quite some time. But I never invested the time to call and say what he did. I could tell through the radio that this host was more than embarrassed by the call. And for quite a while his comments on Jesus seemed to subside.

We… being you and I. That is to say if you have the guts. Which you don’t. Have an obligation to not only stand up for what’s right. But to defend the gospel as well. The heathens that most of us work and deal with. Have no problem inviting you in on their conversations about all manner of perversion. Whether or not you and I like it is of no consequence to them. They just blather on about their filthy dates. Their sexual preferences. And their drunken escapades. The scripture admonishes us to be always ready to give a reason for the hope which lies within us. Your faith in Christ is not to be a secret. The bible says let your light so shine that men will see you and glorify God. When Jesus was taken in the garden. Everyone ran for the hills. When he was being paraded to the cross half dead and beaten to a pulp. The only people with him were John and Mary and a few other women.

Saving your own ass is what it was all about. When push came to shove apparently all the men forgot how to make a fist and use it. I would have started throwing punches at every creep present and repented later. I cannot stand injustice and I despise wimpy men. Now I am not justifying physical altercations at the drop of a hat. But to not defend what it is you believe. And to allow every demon possessed individual on planet  earth to run ramshackle over you is beyond reproachable. There is man who I know that I have shared aspects of Christianity with for quite some time. At one point I thought he was an heir to salvation. But as time went on I realized that he wasn’t. And wouldn’t receive anything that I had to say regarding the faith.Do you know what? Move on. I started to recollect my own early days hearing of Christ. There was no sarcasm coming out of my mouth. I was all ears. And I had legitimate questions. There was no arguing on my part and no excuses. I was a sinner and I new it. As should you. So start opening your mouth and see what’s in the abundance of your heart. You may be shocked at what is or isn’t present there…To be continued




In God We Trust

8399835057_acbdf7aff4_mOh really now…In God we trust is what it says on the currency issued by the United States of America. At some point in time that may have been the prevailing sentiment of most American citizens. Churches were full on Sundays. It was looked proudly upon to be a teacher of religious instruction.Tens of thousands of people were in line to make a life out of being a nun,priest,pastor,deacon,brother,friar etcetera. Boy have things changed. And not for the better. For the moment though…that is not what I want to speak about. Its trusting our government or lack thereof. If your like me…you have wondered on more than a few occasions. Just who is running this show anyway? And what are there motives? This blog is addressed in particular.To those of you who think the proverbial big brother is watching over you. I want to bring to your attention a couple of odd tax breaks that I came across. And if this doesn’t prove my point…than I don’t know what will. Property owners in Australia can claim the cost of garden gnomes added to their rental property as a deduction. A court in the Netherlands ruled on Sept. 23 2005 that witchcraft lessons were tax deductible. As long as they increased a persons employability and earning potential. Not only were bribes to private businesses legal in Germany until 2002. But they were tax deductible until 1999. The deduction was reportedly rarely used because it required the identity of both parties.

So what’s a few grand between officials anyway? Just prior to this last presidential election. One of my coworkers said to another. Who are you voting for? To which the person replied. Trump! She then said. Oh he scares me. At that…having lost all ability to keep my mouth shut. I said to her. And what you’ve had the past 16 years hasn’t scared you? And what exactly is it that these protesters are protesting. Apparently they are like her. They trust in man. And they want more of nothing. If you are a Christian. Your trust is to be in the Lord. Not in government. Because come hell or high-water. Gods people will reign victorious in the end. And as for those who are protesting. They would probably be envious of having the witchcraft tax deduction. If it was up to them abortion would be tax deductible as well. After all. We are entitled to have a good time aren’t we? Just remember folks. Freedom is not free. It just means that someone else paid for it. And I am sure that you like that idea as well.

Proverbs chapter 3..starting in verse 5. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. And do not lean on your own understanding. In everything that you do acknowledge him. And he will make your paths straight. Do not think yourself to be wise in your own eyes. Fear the Lord and depart from all evil. Proverbs chapter 14 and verse 12.There is a way that seems right to man. But the end of that way will lead him to death. Now why don’t you just man up for a minute and stop this ridiculous charade that you call your life. You have had all your plans in place for a long time as to how and why you are going to live the life you live. And your plans include about 1 % of God and 99% of doing whatever you want to do. And now your walking the streets protesting when you should be working. Your holding your banner that says we are a nation of immigrants. What your banner should say is that we are a nation of legal immigrants. Or did you leave your brain home again today? When I was a young man….all of the immigrants I new were damn proud to be an American. And they were also damn proud to speak English as their language. They called themselves Americans and they sang the same patriotic songs that I sang.They went to church as well . Because amongst other things it was considered shameful not to. In the Assumption Catholic church in Centereach NY. It was standing room only at ten minutes to the hour. My entire neighborhood was there. One man said to me that they were in a very tight spot during the Korean war. They were being shelled. All of the Catholics had there heads down and started praying the Hail Mary prayer. Over and over again.

And guess what macho man. All of the other guys of every denomination including the Jews started praying with them. They had nothing to hang on to. They didn’t bring God to the fight with them. Don’t wait until its too late. Don’t wait until all hell is raining down on you and your family. The time to trust God is now. The time to be the man or woman that God has called you to be is now. Trust in the Lord with all of your own heart. Don’t wait for others to be in agreement with you…You can do this!…To be continued