Is There a Doctor in the House?

16215624743_07963f7894_mThe title sounds silly. I know. A classic line borrowed  from many an old school show. We all call for a doctor in the natural realm when we  ourselves or a loved one is sick. Never do we question whether or not we should go to the doctor. We simply say get in the car and I will drive you there now. And if the situation seems grave enough its 911 and the call goes out to an ambulance to get us to the doctor quicker and safer. You and I know when things aren’t right in our body. And we are even fairly adept at looking at someone else and asking them if they feel alright. After noticing that they look pale… or when we see them stagger and start to fall. Yes we humans are pretty good at labeling sickness when we see it or feel it. But all of this is in the natural realm. And the question is …why don’t most of us recognize the need for spiritual wellness? And why don’t we see in ourselves and others when we or they are spiritually sick? Now its not all who do not see. For I do see. And that is not by accident my friend. For I am a spirit filled believer in Christ. I am filled with the Holy Ghost and power from on high. And when this happens to you God enables you to see in yourself and those around you the need for replenishing of your spirit man. And in the case of a non-believer.. the need to be born again by the Spirit of God.

And now some of you are saying…what a load of rubbish the pundit character is spewing out. Yeah sure he knows what’s going on in me. And I know what’s going on in him. Ha Ha Ha. Well maybe your right and maybe your wrong. But I didn’t start this. And I don’t think you want to call the one who did a liar. On the other hand you may actually be dumber than you look. Lets look at the Gospel of John chapter 3 verse 3 and I will give you some snippets. This is Jesus speaking. You may remember him… he’s the one whos tomb is empty. You may have heard that he rose from the dead….Truly, truly I say to you. Unless a man is born again …he cannot see nor enter into the kingdom of heaven…For truly I say to you…unless a man is born of the water and of the Spirit…he cannot enter the kingdom of God.

When you are born again by the Spirit of God. Our mortal members are now quickened or a livened by the Spirit that now resides in you. You are from this day forward equipped with some brand new tools in your box. And they are spiritual in nature. But for now lets you and I go back to the doctors office in the book of Matthew chapter 9 verse 12. Once again Jesus is teaching those who are willing to hear.. and he is chastising the heathen bums who are there to criticize….Those who are well do not need a physician…but those who are sick do. As is always the case with my Lord…all is not as it seems when he speaks. He smacks the listeners in the spiritual face by telling them…you think you are well…and therefore you also think to yourself who needs a doctor? But there are others who are acutely aware of their needs both in the natural and the spiritual realm. And they are the ones that he speaks of as needing a physician. I meet so many cocky and arrogant snobs in the world. And a fair amount of them are in churches. Oh yes my friend.. the devil attends church also. Sometimes he is named the usher. And other times he shows up in a pair of yoga pants to cause a little disturbance on Sunday. After all its all I had to wear. Right?


You see my friend God doesn’t have any dumb children. The dummies are those who are playing church and pretending they are his kids. I believe the term is bastards. And they don’t belong to him. Again we will go to Matthew chapter 13 beginning in verse 24….Jesus is once again teaching….Or should I say giving his people a heads up….The kingdom of heaven is like a man who planted good seeds in his field. But when the seeds had sprouted and became visible…there appeared also with them weeds as well. So the servants of the man seeing this came to him. And they said…sir ..did you not sow good seeds? Then from where are these weeds with the wheat? He then said to them….an enemy has done this thing. So they asked him…would you like for us to go and pull them out? But he said no. Because while you are pulling out the weeds you may damage the wheat.


Let them both grow together until the time of the harvest. And at that time I will say to the reapers…gather together first the weeds into bundles to burn them. But gather the wheat into my own barn. A little later his disciples asked him to elaborate on this parable. And he told him that the reapers are his angels. And the weeds are the unsaved or unjust. And the wheat are those who are justified and or saved. The barn is the kingdom of heaven. And the fire is the furnace of hell. Tell me something if you will. Have you ever stood near a blast furnace? Just a thought. The same people who go to church to be seen are those who are the weeds. The same bimbos who come to be a distraction are the weeds not the wheat. Are you getting this yet? The fat cat and his bride who are loaded to the gills with cash are the ones who say I don’t need any help. But you don’t have to be loaded so as not to pick on the rich folk. You may just be getting by and thinking to yourself. I don’t need no stinking God. I have a black belt in Karate. I am a Daoist. My astrologer told me I use to be a queen in Sweden in another life. The Long Island psychic told me god is preparing a wonderful place of fulfillment for me in my future…Oh yeah bubba….god is preparing a place for you. Nice and warm…And your gods name is Lucifer. He just hasn’t made the introduction formal as of yet. Oh yeah you’re well alright. Well on your way to the pit of hell for eternity. As for me…Hey is there a doctor in the house?…I need all the help I can muster up….To be continued


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