The Spirit of Perversion

612618019_2c50e1975b_m2239117973_08b29d10ff_mMy dear readers….I just finished watching the Grand Prix of Monza in Italy. I am an F1 racing fan. At the races end as well as in the beginning when the drivers are being staged for the races start. in all of the venues globally where the races are held. Attractive women are presented with the dress and makeup which in prior times was seen only on street vamps and hookers. They are being presented as objects of sexual passion. As the satanically driven media knows. Sex sells. and money drives it.

As in no other time in known history. The level of visual and auditory perversion is palpable and growing exponentially. This could not and would not happen if there was resistance posed against it by the majority of society. But such is not the case. This type of behavior and dress is visible to one extent or another everywhere I go. And is in in fact frankly unavoidable. Thanks be to God that he also is aware of the filth that we are being bombarded with. And he gives the strength and the grace to both men and women to overcome such demonic activity in the spirit.

Make no bones about it my friends. If you are willfully engaged in such activity. You will not see heaven. For it is not nor can it ever be God who gives to you and I the spirit of perversion. This spirit comes from none other than Satan himself. And he is more than happy to have you on board as a willing participant in his global agenda. Which is and always has been to pervert Gods creation. And His plan for mankind wherever and whenever possible. And to lure and dupe as many men and women into hell as he can before his end comes.

And so it is to you and you alone that I say this. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand…To be continued

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