Getting it Right From the Start

11587478496_8c2bfca4f7_m4982094649_5448c46e67_mAs we begin this blog together. I want you to fully comprehend Gods connection to each one of us prior to an abortionist having the opportunity to snuff out our life in Christ. And no this is not a blog about abortion so to speak. But as these demons from hell driven by the lure of money and supported for the most part by those who lead a sinful life of fornication and adultery. Move forward in their quest to dispose of as many lives as they can for the sake of their bank accounts. Its nice to see how God looks at us. For in the end that’s all that matters anyway. And by the way if you are employed in one of these offices in any capacity.

You need to leave NOW! God doesn’t understand that you are just the clerk and need the money. Here is what he said to the prophet Jeremiah. In the book of Jeremiah chapter 1 verses 4 through 7. And by the way this was not just because Jeremiah was called to be a prophet. All children are special to the Lord and God first speaks to Jeremiah as a child which you shall soon see….Then the word of the Lord came to me saying. Before I formed you in the belly….I knew you. And before you came out of the womb I sanctified you and I ordained you as a prophet to the nations.

Then I said..Ah but Lord! I cannot speak for I am but a child. But the Lord said to me do not say that I am but a child. For you shall go to all to whom I will send you. And whatever I command you shall you speak to them. And do not be afraid of their faces for I am with you to deliver you from them. Then the Lord touched my mouth with his hand and he said to me. I have put my words in your mouth. Quite a different story is being told to us here in regards to the scientific community’s crap that they try to peddle. As to if and when life begins. They just don’t want you to think too much about someone sticking a knife in your baby. And tearing them out of their mommy by the head. God just said that before he was formed God knew him. And that before he had exited the womb he was already sanctified for the work of the Lord.

Many non Catholics criticize infant baptism. I know this is true because I was one of them. They and I would be wrong. When a baby is born to a Christian couple Gods hand is already upon the babe. But in the singular act of pouring the baptismal water over the child. The parents and those present who are walking with Christ are making a PUBLIC AFFIRMATION that this one belongs to the Lord. So take that you lousy devil. The scuttlebutt among Protestants is that only a believer is to be baptized. And that the child has no knowledge of what they are doing rendering it therefore in their eyes a moot occasion. But of course that doesn’t stop them from having a dedication. Whereby they are dedicating the child to the Lord. Its a good thing that beat downs are not condoned in Christianity. Because if it was every time I ran into some religious punk telling me why I am wrong and they are right according to their Pastors diatribe. I would be opening a can of Whop ass every month. I’m sorry but I digress. I also stated in one of my other blogs that we Catholics reaffirm our baptismal vows every Easter publicly in church. And the youths do so additionally during their First Holy Communion and their Confirmation. And by the way none of these so called reaffirmations do you or I or our children any good if we or they are not walking with God…Whew!

We as parents have an ongoing and active role to play in the lives of our children. Most people at the baptismal font are waiting to get home and tie one on. The process is virtually meaningless to them but it is not overlooked by the Lord. The child is all so important to him wherever they are and whoever they are parented by. Because they haven’t as of yet been corrupted by their immoral parents who are worshipping false Gods and serving the flesh. So what exactly is our role? Well I am so glad that you asked. The book of proverbs chapter 22 and verse 6…Train a child up in the way that he should go. And when he is old he will not depart from it. We as parents are to train our children in the ways of God. But what do you have to train them with while you are still living the life of a sinful malcontent.

Only a godly man or woman can offer something of value to their child by example. What it is to live and abide by the teachings of Christ. And thank God as well for the influence of godly acquaintances and relatives in the lives of children. And being a godly example has nothing to do with how many expensive vacations you’ve taken them on. Or buying them a new I Phone every 3 years. So wise up all you young parents to be. And its never too late for all of you older parents as well. Where there is life there is hope for all. So move on to doing the will of God in your lives. And be the godly examples that God has called you to be for your children. The formation of your child’s Christianity is allot like sex education but even greater. You don’t want them to learn it from someone else or on the street…..To be continued


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