32858708980_7e37b96f78_mIn the context of a Mafia hit mans biography. He gave testimony in this fashion. When he was asked about his first killing. And about those which followed. The first was very difficult. The second not so much. And those which followed became much easier to carry out. Sin is this way in all of its forms. The initial act of carrying out a sinful act always grates against the conscience of man. For we were made in the likeness and image of God. Remember this… We are not all Gods children. We are all created in his image. And we all have the opportunity to be his child. And we having been created in his image. God having no sin within him. We when entering into sin will receive shall we say a warning. Don’t do that! We also have a free will. Which  means that we can of our own accord. Willingly allow ourselves to enter into any and all situations that we wish.

But it will carry a heavy penalty. And in the end if we sustain such a life style it will cost us everything that God desired for us to have as his child. The bible says that no good thing will God withhold from those who love him. Let me ask you this. Are any of your children perfect? You and I both know the answer. There are and will be ongoing issues throughout their life. And so as not to single out the children. There are and will be ongoing issues in your life as well. We are all on the same journey both young and old alike. And although some of us carry out parental roles. God is the Father of all who allow him to be so in their lives. He does not take the role if you don’t accept him. You can reject the Living God as your Father. And in  so doing you have in proxy chosen Satan as your father.

Now back to sin. Sin always has a catch to it. Always ,always ,always. And did I say always? There will be retribution for sinful actions in some way shape or form over time. For some it will be immediate. You put the needle in your arm for the first time. You OD and die. For others you get involved in an affair. Over time you get a divorce. Your family comes undone. And you find yourself with an incurable case of STD. For the hitman. His life ended in despair. Dying in jail with no money and only guilt to show for it. Jesus said that he had come to earth. That we may have life. And that the life he gives us may be abundant. When I work on my motorcycle. No matter how clean I keep it. As I start removing parts.. my hands are filthy. All of the unseen areas are oily and filthy from the road and the dust. Our lives are very much this way. You cant clean and scrub away sins stains in the shower. Your soul cant be put in the spin cycle for renewal.

Only Jesus has the ability to cleanse us from all unrighteousness as the scripture says. He says that although our sins may appear as the color crimson. He will make them as white as snow. This is where a good and regular confession comes into play. Praying has the same effect. Internally it has the power to cleanse us. Changing the way we think and observe the world around us. The way we act and the things we say. We are not perfect. But we are forgiven in Christ. And that my friend is a great place to start. Paul said that we are to keep striving for the high calling in Christ Jesus. Are you striving? Or are you starving?….To be continued


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