The Present

4199076008_e1db168333_mToday and every day is a gift from God Almighty. And that is why we call it the present. I can recall as a young man receiving in particular a brand new Spalding basketball. At that time in my life. Myself and many of my friends shot a fair amount of hoops. In fact my friend Joseph Weiss had a dirt court in his back yard…With a wooden backboard nailed to a pine tree. We played so much basketball there… that the ground was hard and almost polished. So hard and packed was the ground. That even when it rained it didn’t affect it. And why do I mention this you may be asking? The best part of receiving a gift is the sharing of what you have received with someone else. I couldn’t wait to put my new ball in the hands of my buddies. To let them experience the feel of the soft rubber dimpled surface of the new ball.

It was awesome. But there is another gift that was given to me…And to you as well. And this gift as is the case with all gifts. Is meant to be shared with others. And that gift was also given to us by God in the form of his only Son Jesus Christ. But herein lies the horns of the dilemma. Very few people are willing to share the gift which they have been given. And even fewer are even willing to receive the gift and say thank you to God. They are thinking in there puny and ungrateful minds and hearts. That perhaps they would have been better served receiving shall we say…a Spalding basketball. In the book of Matthew chapter 5 and verse 15. Jesus said the following.

Neither does a man light a candle to hide it under a basket. But it is to be put on a candle stick. So that it will give light to all who are in the house….Notice if you will the word…GIVE. The candle was lit by one and not two people. But after it was lit is was for the benefit of all of those present. It is a gift that keeps on giving to all of those around it. And so it is that I am sharing the gift that God has given me today with you my dear readers. Jesus Christ the only begotten son of the Father. And for those of you who say you already know Jesus. Than why is it that you are not sharing him with others? Or maybe the fact is that you don’t like the gift…..To be continued


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